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Mokuti Etosha Lodge - Namibia
DESIGN UNION - Concept Architect | Design Principle | Interior Architect
Chobe Water Villal Guest bathroom

"The function of good design is letting design function" Micha Cameron

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Hotel Assessment Survey
Design Union's comprehensive assessment survey identifies existing and potential design-related issues that may require improvement or modernization, ultimately leading to adverse impacts on your organisation.

These identified issues can potentially diminish staff morale and, consequently, negatively affect the overall guest experience, ultimately impacting your bottom line."

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Chobe water villas Guest Bathroom


Chobe Water Villas - NAMIBIA
DESIGN UNION - Concpet Architect | Design Principle | Interior Architect


As a full-service interior architectural design consultancy, Design Union engages in every phase of the project, from conception to completion.
This comprehensive approach enables the creation of environments encompassing buildings, interiors, and landscapes that align with the desires of our clients.
Our meticulous process ensures the seamless integration of these elements.

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  • 01 - BRIEF


    During the discovery phase, we engage in close collaboration with our clients to understand their needs, desires, goals, and objectives—ranging from theoretical concepts to practical considerations. In refurbishments, we perform thorough site inspections to pinpoint effective and inspirational design solutions, ensuring optimal results for both guests and staff.

  • 02 - CONCEPT


    This marks the intersection where creativity, functionality, and aesthetics seamlessly converge, guided by a pragmatic and logical understanding of design. Every element is meticulously orchestrated to conceptually solidify the outcomes of our 'discovery' process.



    In this stage, we intricately describe the overall layout and key features of the design in a three-dimensional representation. Using colour images, detailed furniture layouts, sketches, and specialized detailing, we present proposed furniture, fabrics, and finishes. The information provided is comprehensive enough for a Quantity Surveyor (QS) or contractor to confidently establish a high-level budget.



    Every intricate detail of each aspect of the project, encompassing layouts, details, finishes, furnishings, and equipment, is meticulously established, documented, and seamlessly incorporated into the designs. Simultaneously, coordination with other project consultants is initiated to ensure smooth integration and synergy.



    We prepare comprehensive documentation for both tender and construction phases, covering blockwork, furniture, ceiling, floor finishes, lighting, and electrical layouts. This includes detailed elevations, specifications, and schedules for finishes, sanware, ironmongery, and doors. Our specifications extend to artwork, accessories, and tabletop selections, and we offer guidelines on uniforms and brand collateral.



    We actively supervise the construction and installation process in collaboration with the project manager and main contractor. We maintain close coordination with subcontractors, suppliers, and procurement agents, ensuring the realization of the overall design intent.

Mokuti Etosha Lodge Lobby Lounge Concept
Mokuti Etosha Lodge - NAMIBIA - Reception Lounge Concept Sketch
DESIGN UNION - Concept Architects | Design Principle | Interior Architects

Interior Design Services

Design Union offers an extensive range of interior design services customised to fit any budget, project timeline, or logistical challenge, all while maximising existing resources.

We firmly believe that each thoughtful investment yields substantial returns.

Our services encompass the following:
Solve spatial design challenges with an experienced interior architect's multidisciplinary approach.

"Transforming Spaces, Elevating Experiences, Driving Profitability within the Hospitality, Leisure & Wellness Sectors.

How can we assist you . . . Jan Lewis
Jan Lewis Founder of Design Union
Established in 2008 by Jan Lewis, Design Union delivers specialised consulting and design services to the Hospitality, Leisure, and Wellness sectors. Jan Lewis brings a wealth of expertise to every project, having laid the foundation for Design Union during an illustrious eight-year tenure as the design principal at Wilson & Associates (USA), South African office — one of the world's leading interior architectural giants.

As an interior architect with a background in fine arts, Jan has left an indelible mark on the interiors of renowned international hotels, resorts, casinos, spas, and restaurants. His extensive experience has been honed in environments where luxury is not just a concept but is meticulously crafted and transformed into a monetized reality.

What sets Jan's designs apart is their unwavering commitment to honouring the complete human experience. From the fundamental need to feel valued, acknowledged, and esteemed, to the intricate fulfilment of both conscious and unconscious needs, the spaces crafted by Jan Lewis exemplify a harmonious balance of artistry and functionality.

"Architecture is really about well-being. I think people want to feel good in a space" Zaha Hadid
Jan Lewis Design Union receive MENA awardMENA award finalist, Jan Lewis form Design Union

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci

Midgard Country Estate - Junior Suite - NAMIBIA
Design Union - Concept Architects | Design Principle | Interior Architects
Mokuti Etosha Lodge Pool Area

Collaborative Projects by
Jan Lewis

Mokuti Etosha Lodge - NAMIBIA

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Midgard Country Estate - Namibia - Buffet Area
Design Union - Interior Architect - Guestrooms, Concept Architect & Space Planners - Public Areas
Midgard Country Estate Buffet area
"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.
Design is how it works."  

Steve Jobs